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Du Crypto Copy Trading guide

What is Copy Trading
  • Please Note ➝ That Function Is For App Version Only
Copy Trading is a feature operation tool to replicate the opening and closing of a trader’s contract with a single click, and to disclose the trader’s actual trading performance.
By following the features, you can greatly reduce the threshold of contract trading, and by screening quality traders, you can also enjoy the asset appreciation brought by the correct trading strategy and judgment.
The user does not need to pay any fees to use the contract to follow the order, after the cancellation of the order, follow the order during the profit will be profit sharing according to the proportion of the copied trader configuration, in order to incentivize excellent traders to continuously optimize trading strategies and improve profitability.
System role
A, with a single person (hereinafter referred to as the copied trader): used to synchronize their own contract trading strategy to follow the single person, become a copied trader period, in order to maximize fairness, the system will take a single person to carry out certain system restrictions
1.Minimum single following up amount Is 10 USDT
2 .Can only place position-by-position orders
3.Can not have a position when you become a copied trader
4.Can’t increase or decrease the margin for existing positions
5.The leverage is fixed at 10 times (will be gradually released later)
B. followers: ordinary users
1.Copy the transaction record of following the copied trader to open and close positions, if the account balance is spent, then no longer follow the single.
2.Can not add or subtract margin.
3.Can follow multiple copied traders.
4.after following the order, follow the order funds into a separate sub-account.
If You Want To Engage in copy trading follow the following steps :
  1. Open Ducrypto App
  2. On The Homepage Select Cope Trading
  3. Choose A Trader To Follow In The Trader List
  4. Click Follow
  5. Click Overview To View Your Positions & Profit
  6. Click Position Management To Manage Your Opening Positions