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Crypto Grid Trading: The Ultimate Guide


What is Crypto Grid Trading?

Grid trading bot is sort of quantitative trading strategy. This trading bot automates buying and selling on spot/leverage tokens(ETF) trading. It is created to set orders in the market at Preset time periods within a Component price range.

Grid trading is when orders are set above and below a particular price, creating a grid of orders as prices gradually increase and decrease. In this way, it Builds a trading grid.

Grid Trading performs the best in changeful markets when prices oscillate within a certain range. Essentially, grid trading attempts to make profits on small price changes. Through quantitative trading, it helps you trade rationally and avoid FOMO where possible.

Grid Trading – 24 * 7  for you to buy low and sell high

Risk warning:

The grid strategy is more suitable for the volatile market, and the following situations will bring certain losses to the user’s assets:

  1. A unilateral uptrend. When a certain currency has a strong upward momentum, the grid strategy will execute a sell order, and users will short positions to go against the positive market. If the price exceeds the highest price of the range set by the user, the strategy will be suspended.
  2. One-sided downtrend. When a currency falls sharply, the grid strategy will execute a buy order, and users will suffer losses caused by the falling market. If the price exceeds the lowest price of the range set by the user, the strategy will be suspended.


  1. Starting Grid with only USDT: the system will use 50% of the USDT invested to purchase BTC at market price, then start the strategy.
  2. Stop Loss(SL): when the latest market price reaches the Stop Loss price, the grid will stop working, cancel all orders, and sell the remaining BTC(position) at market price.
  3. Close the Grid trading manually: all orders will cancel and remaining BTC (position) will not be sold.


Let’s START NOW!  And Set your Spot Grid Trading strategy

How do you set up a grid trade?

Select from the header Trade –> Classic –> select USDT section Then Select The Pairs
then click Grid.

Note : The Grid Trading Bot Available now for this Pairs right now. Other’s pairs will be added successively.

AI Policy

AI Policy: The system will automatically recommend the grid bot parameters that are most suitable for the current market based on the back test data of the past seven days.

If you are using a grid trading bot for the first time, it is recommended that you can use our AI strategy to help you formulate grid bot parameters. You just have to choose how much money you want to invest to create a grid bot.

Custom Policy:

Setting up your own trading strategy here!

Parameters meaning:

Lower trend of the Price: The last point of the grid trading price range. The grid bot system will no longer implement orders when the market price is lower than the Lower Price.

Upper trend of the Price: Upper of the grid trading price range. The system will no longer implement orders when the market price is higher than the Upper trend of the Price.

Number of Grids: Divide the interval upper limit price and interval lower limit price into corresponding shares. The greater the number, the lesser the profit per grid.

Arithmetic & Geometric mode

mathematical mode: each grid has a similar price variance (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4…).

Geometric mode: every grid has an egalitarian price divergence ratio.Price zone of each cell of the geometric grid is symmetrical (e.g. 1, 2, 4, 8…). The profits are stable among each grid.

Advance Setting

Stop Loss & Take Profit   (SL & TP)

You can utilize Stop loss function to stop trading when the market price stimuli the set prices:

Stop Loss(SL):  when the latest market price reaches the Stop Loss price, the grid will stop working, and all holding positions will sell at the market price. SL should be less than the lower price, last price and trigger price

Take Profit(TP): when the latest market price reaches Take Profit price, the grid will stop working. SP should be higher than the upper price, last price and trigger price.

Invested Coin: Use the original BTC

You can pick out to invest in single or dual crypto.

As an example, if you want to invest BTC, the strategy will only apply on BTC from your Spot Wallet. If you choose to invest by BTC+USDT, the strategy will use both BTC and USDT from your Spot Wallet.

View grid transaction details

Select the grid for Processing or Completed

Click on the Details button on the bottom right

You can see the overall grid transaction status in Grid Details, the current pending orders in Processing, and the transaction orders in Completed

Grid Profit: The realized profit full of grid orders that are matched by one buy-order and one sell-order. The trading fees incurred during the strategy is actually deducted in the Grid Profit.

Annualized yield: [(grid profit/investment)/(Lasting time/365)]*100%

Position Gain And Loss (USDT): The latest price of the base currency in the current trading pair – the opening price. This is the false profit/loss of grid trading due to an increase or decrease in the market price of the base currency.

This will be 0 once you stop grid operation.

Grid trading is now available on the web and mobile
To download the application, please click here