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Ducrypto Future Rewards Event

Welcome To Ducrypto Futures Rewards Event.

Profits don’t stop with Ducrypto

After the success of the DuCrypto spot trading rewards, it offers its new users greater profit opportunities by trading futures contracts with the Ducrypto Rewards Program.

sign-up and verify your account, just answer futures questions to start earning

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(Terms and conditions apply)

In order to enhance users’ awareness of Futures, and make futures trading more profitable, we’d like to conduct the futures activity together.


Terms and conditions

1- The bonus can be used to trade in futures and cannot be withdrawn. The profit generated by using the bonus transaction can be withdrawn.

2- Receive a bonus

For futures deposit and trading activities, users need to manually collect them on the activity page after completing the task. After receiving the bonus, it will be distributed to the futures account, which can be viewed in the futures account.

3- Validity period of futures bonus

The futures bonus is valid within 7 days after receiving it, and the bonus that is not used after the expiration date will be recovered by the system.

4- Activity Participation Restrictions

All users who have passed KYC can participate in the event, and the participating activities need to be carried out in the order of the activities, that is, after completing the first activity, the second activity & the third activity.


Event Rules:

1- All users need to complete KYC before participating in this activity
(1.1) Answer 5 introductory questions when entering The futures contract:

Users need to answer 5 questions correctly to get a 5USDT reward.

(1.2) Deposit and Trade – Part 2

Users need to transfer funds of more than 100USDT to the contract account, and complete the transaction volume of more than 1000$ including the leverage, in order to get a 10USDT bonus

(1.3) Trading Activities – Part 3

Users need to have a transaction volume of more than 20,000$ including the leverage within 24 hours to get another 10USDT reward


2- The competition is only available to verified users


3- Event Duration From 20/10/2022 To 29/10/2022


4- The maximum number of participants in the event: 400 people.
5- The highest reward one single person can get: is 25USDT (5$ for the first activity, 10$ for the second activity & 10$ for the third activity)


6- When users receive bonuses after participating in the event, they need to wait 5 minutes after the completion of the activities and wait for the system statistics to be completed before they can receive them.


7- Reward rules: First come, first served.

(If the reward is fully claimed, the event will end automatically)


8- EVENT DURATION FROM 20/10/2022 TO 29/10/2022


9- Risk warning: If multiple accounts under the same IP address are suspected of cheating, the platform has the right to cancel the reward qualifications of all accounts under its IP address.