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Ducrypto Futures Rewards Event

Earn up to $100 with Ducrypto

Profits don’t stop with Ducrypto

Ducrypto Future Rewards Event offers its clients more chances to earn up to $100 from trading futures with the DuCrypto bonus program.

Register, trade, and share the competition with your friends.

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(Terms and conditions apply)

In order to enhance users’ awareness of Futures, and make futures trading more profitable, we’d like to conduct the futures activity together.


Terms and conditions for Ducrypto Future Rewards Event


There will be 55 winners in the competition.

the first 50 winners will win $10 once the contest rules are applied.

The other 5 are the top PNLs for futures trading:

– 1st place wins $100
– 2nd Place is $75
– 3rd place $50
– 4th place is $40
– 5th place is $30

Event Rules:

1- Follow Docrypto on Twitter.

2- Retweet the pinned contest post with your unique ID.

3- Trading futures contracts and achieving the largest daily trading volume.

For example, Mohamed traded every week, and Ahmed traded every day.

Ahmed’s profit percentage is higher than Muhammad’s profit percentage (PNL), and so on.

To the other five winners, They have the highest profit and loss in percentage (PNL) terms over the competition period.

4- Docrypto Rewards Program Competition Duration: From 11/23/2022 to 12/6/2022.

5- The maximum number of subscribers to the mentioned points for the Docrypto rewards program: is 55 users.