User Guide

How to Withdraw from Ducrypto?

1- Log into your DuCrypto account and click (Balance) (Digital Account).

2- Click on (Withdraw).

3- Select the network. As we are withdrawing usdt, and the network is trc20

Next, enter the recipient address or select from your address book list.

4.1 How to add a new recipient address.


To add a new recipient, click (Address Book)(Address Management).

4.2. Click (Add Address).

6.3. Select the network and coin. After that, enter an address label, the address, and memo.

  • You can give each withdrawal address a personalised name for your own use, such as “Address Label.”
  • MEMO is not required. When moving money to another ducrypto account or exchange, for instance, you must include the MEMO. When sending money to a Trust Wallet address, a MEMO is not required.
  • Make sure to confirm whether or not a MEMO is necessary. You risk losing your money if you don’t submit a MEMO when one is needed.
  • Keep in mind that the MEMO may be referred to as a Tag or Payment ID on various systems and wallets.

6.4. To add the recently added address to your whitelist, click (Add to Whitelist) and finish 2FA authentication. If you select this option, your account will only be able to withdraw funds to whitelisted withdrawal addresses.

  1. You may view the associated transaction fee and the total amount you get by entering the withdrawal amount. To continue, click (Withdraw).
  2. The transaction has to be verified. Observe the directions displayed on the screen.

Warning: Your assets will be permanently lost if you choose the wrong network or enter the wrong information when starting a transfer. Please confirm the accuracy of the information before transferring funds.